Organisation and services

The employees of Schutter Certification B.V. have extensive experience in the inspection of edible oils and grains which are used amongst other things as raw materials by the food and animal feed industries. We are now applying our experience for the auditing and certification of companies which are active in these sectors.


Schutter Certification B.V. is an independent company which her inpartiality and confidentiality secures by the control measurements of the risk analysis concerning eventual conflict of interest. The supervision on this is the responsibility of the management and the independent members of the board of experts of Schutter.


We offer a specialised package of services for which we use experienced and specialised staff. The certification schemes we certify are the GMP+ Feed Certification Scheme, the Community Guide Good Trading Practice (Cocertal GTP Guide) and ISO 9001:2008. Naturally it is possible to certify combinations of these standards.


Schutter is active in the certification of production and trade in compound feeds,  feed materials and foodstuffs. We do this within European countries including the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and Hungary.

Certification of companies in other countries is also possible on consultation.


Our company does not only perform certification in Europe. Since foodstuffs and animal feed ingredients are often produced in other parts of the world, Schutter has offices in South America and South-East Asia for the auditing and certification of GMP + for ingredients such as soya beans, palm and copra. Schutter uses local, professional auditors who take part in annual training courses organised from the Netherlands.


The Rotterdam office is responsible for the development of the certification procedures. In this way we guarantee a certification process that complies with the standards which are in place for the Dutch market.


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