Lodging complaints

In case you wish to lodge a complaint, point of attention or idea to Schutter, please follow this procedure:


Send an e-mail or a letter, making mention of: 

  • Company name
  • Postal and/or e-mail address
  • Telephone number
  • Description of the complaint, possibility for improvement or idea.


The postal address can be found at the top right corner of this page.

You may also mail your complaint: certification@schuttergroup.com 


The complaint is received by the quality manager, who registers it and appoints a responsible person to dispatch the complaint. Schutter will acknowledge receipt. The responsible employee will analyse the complaint, determine the cause and when necessary perform an immediate correction. Schutter will inform you in writing about the actions taken.



The description of the procedure "complaints" can be found under the heading "documents" : Procedure complaints

Visiting address


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Post address


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