Hygiene code for Inland Waterway Transport


You can apply for verification of the Hygiene code for Inland Waterway Transport using application form, this can be found under the heading "documents": application form Hygiene code for inland waterway transport 


After you have applied, you will receive the following from us:

  • A contract in duplicate
  • General terms and conditions
  • An outline of prices



If you agree with the terms and conditions and the price, you can send a copy of the signed contract to the postal address as mentione in the top right corner of this page.

The contract is valid for 4 years.

During this 4 year period we will come on board at least twice to carry out an inspection.


Obtaining a GMP+ number

After receiving the contract, we will register you with the GMP+ International and you will receive a GMP number. With this unique number your customers will be able to look you up in the GMP+ International certified companies database and see that you are verified for the Hygiene code for Inland Waterway Transport.


Note: You can only transport animal feed (raw materials) if an inspection has been carried out.


Obtaining the Hygiene code for Inland Waterway Transport

The code can be ordered from CBRB (telephone number +31 10 7989800). 

The hygiene code GMP+ B4.3 Shortsea Shipping and Inland Waterways Transport may also be downloaded for free from the GMP+ International website. If you choose to download this, you will need to check for yourself for newly published versions. 


Arranging a meeting for verification

Contact us directly for an appointment when you are near to Rotterdam or Amsterdam. If you wish a verification to take place outside of these areas, then we charge travel costs of € 0.30 per kilometer.


If you are located in Germany, then inspections are only possible by a German inspector. If you have difficulties with the language difference, you can also have the vessel inspected here. Inspection is possible in the following cities: Mannheim, Magdeburg and Hamburg. If you wish a verification to take place outside of these areas, then we charge travel costs of € 0.30 per kilometer.




You can only arrange for an appointment with us if  you have a copy of the Hygiene code for Inland Waterway Transport on board and have a signed copy of the contract returned to us.



The inspection

An audit (inspection) lasts for approximately 2 hours (incl. preparation and reporting). If this is the first time that you will be tested, then the contents of the hygiene code will also be explained to you. The auditor will look to see whether your vessel is suitable for loading animal feed and foodstuffs (raw materials). Attention will also be paid to the administration that is required according to the hygiene code. Amongst other things the auditor will ask to inspect your logbook or journey diary, copies of loading compartment inspection reports (LCIs), any letters of protest if applicable, complaints forms and registration and documentation check lists (work plan 14).

The hold of the vessel does not have to be emptied for an audit. It is important that you moor the vessel in a place which allows easy access by the auditor.


Reporting and certificate

During the inspection the auditor will complete a checklist which he can use to show an independent auditor (co-ordinator) at Schutter that you fulfil the requirements. After this checklist has been received by the office and assessed by the co-ordinator, you will receive a summary of any points which you must resolve before the following assessment. You will also receive a proof of assessment in the form of a certificate. This document is valid for 2 years (until the following assessment). If the auditor gives a negative recommendation, then you will first have to carry out improvements before a certificate can be issued. Depending on the shortcomings which are observed, you may be able to send the measures for improvement by post or we may have to come on board for a new assessment. In this case we will consult with you about our approach.


Method of payment

The contract is valid for 4 years, during which 2 inspections will be carried out. We will send you an invoice after your ship has been verified.



Sale of your vessel


If you sell your vessel and wish to end your contract, you will need to inform us of this in writing.

If you sell your vessel, but register your new vessel with us for inspection, we have an adjusted finance scheme.




Incase you sell the vessel, it will retain its PDV/GMP number if the new owner also wishes to be verified for the Hygiene code for Inland Waterway Transport. Should the new owner not require this, then the PDV/GMP number will expire.

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